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Food and Safety Compliance

Being a Farm Labor Contractor, there is more pressure to be compliant on several issues on the farm. Heat, water, safety practices, and OSHA regulations are just some on the major issues FLC’s face today. Having the right FLC that can manage these issues will alleviate so many responsibilities for growers and cut expenses down.

RG Labor Contracting


When summer arrives, the need for quality people to water the crops is important. Whether it is moving water lines, inspecting valves, or general irrigation inspections, having trained and responsible people is a must. Without it, crops can be lost or damaged because of lack of water. We can help!

RG Labor Contracting

Tractor Operators

When we look for tractor operators,we look for three main qualities- good communicator, treatment of machine, and natural aptitude for operating machinery. Having these qualities will lead to excellent performance out at the farm.

So, whether you need drivers that can plow, rip, disk, or spray, we the people you need to keep you business moving forward .



Handling and using proper safety practices is important to growers and to us as well. We have the people and the resources to get the job done carefully and effectively.

RG Labor Contracting

Thinning/ Sorting

Thinning or sorting is an important aspect of farming. You can’t rely on people that do not have experience and expect them to do it correctly. Having been in this industry for many years, we understand the importance of having skilled people with a background in your specific type of crop.



We, at RG Labor Contracting, believe that in order to be a successful FLC, we have to connect ourselves with people that share our common goals and ambitions. People enjoy working for businesses they can trust. Because of that, we have crews available with experience in variety of different crops readily available to you.

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