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Many companies are built on many principles- knowledge, experience, partnership, and resources. This is the foundation of what RG Labor Contracting stands by. We began doing business in 2012 in Santa Barbara County. Today, we serve many areas such as Kern County, Los Angeles County, and Tulare County. RG Labor Contracting has the passion to help people get started with businesses that are looking for skilled, experienced, and driven individuals. Our commitment to providing excellent service to all growers is our top priority.

President, Ronnie Torres, life is revolved around agriculture. From watching his father prosper in a local orchard company inĀ  Reedley, CA to growing up in Cuyama Valley with their rich history of farming. Being able to experience the fundamentals of organization and teamwork will help farmers tremendously in their day to day operations working with RG Labor Contracting.


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